Tyrannosatan – Katakombernas Kakofoni, tape

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Brace yourselves for this furious attack of old school metal! Nobody knows whether to call it heavy, black, speed or thrash but who cares? Tyrannosatan is here to rip your heads off! Limited to 100 copies on blood red tape and 200 copies on pitch black tape. Release date: 26th of February 2022.

This is a Jawbreaker Records release where Turborock Productions (though under the name “Night Crawler”) have made design and layout.


  1. Tyrannens Uppenbarelse
  2. Underjordisk Ondska
  3. Natten Är Vår Tid
  4. Kummelgastarnas Förbannelse
  5. Det Svarta Stålets Brödraskap
  6. Permafrost
  7. Svartmässa
  8. Skuggan Från Förr
  9. Tyrannosatan

Tyrannosatan are:

  • Nattsvart (Armory, Stormdeath): Guitars & vocals
  • Isfall (Armory): Thunder bass & vocals
  • Slirhammer (Irrbloss): Drums of doom

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Weight 80 g

Jawbreaker Records


Blood Red, Pitch Black