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United with Living Fast

United with LIVING FAST
Turborock Productions are proud to announce that we have signed a deal with the new traditional Heavy Metal band Living Fast from Florida, US. Anyone already familiar with the Wall Breaker EP knows that this band is a hungry force of full underground metal dedication. If you are into straightforward metal and enjoy catchy melodies carried up by a driving chorus, this is for you. For fans of the traditional sound of the 80s, especially Scandinavian Heavy Metal and NWOBHM. Expect some heavy news regarding this soon!

Some words from the TurboBoss:
“As people should know by now, Turborock Productions is a production agency dedicated to Heavy Metal. This means that we are specialized in layout and graphic design for album releases, merchandise and anything else really that a band or label may need for their promotion of their music or company. It wasn’t really my plan to sign bands, but when Viktor from Watcher asked me if I wanted to release his debut album, and the music fitted me like a leather glove, I just couldn’t say no. When James from Living Fast reached out to me and introduced me to the band, it took a while until I decided to sign another band to Turborock Productions, since I’m a person who wants to do it with full power and not half-hearted, so I must be sure I’ve got the time. The more I talked to James, the more obvious it became that this collaboration is going to happen. Just like working with Viktor from Watcher, James turned out to have the same personality with high ambitions, a driving force and a hungry need to feed the the underground metal scene. Personal qualities and mentality that I have myself, and which I value. These are the kind of people I want to work with. These are the kind of people I want in my life. We share the same dedication for what we love, which is Heavy Metal. We share the same energy and we are passionated about what we do, and we are eager to make things happen. I’m really looking forward to what we will achieve together. It’s gonna be loud, proud and heavy!”

Viktor from Watcher, and James from Living Fast.