Sulfuric – Macabre Festivities, CD

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The power trio Sulfuric is one of the rawest, filthiest and fastest bands in Sweden. Since the band’s birth in 2021, the goal has been sharp as steel: To bring back the extreme metal to its roots from the early 80s, with catchy riffs and without click tracks or drum triggers. Inspired by bands like Venom, Sodom, Hellhammer, Motörhead and Bathory – both musically and in the attitude of what metal stands for – Sulfuric have managed to find the sound they were looking for and have deep dedication to. Old school unpolished metal!

Track list:
1. Macabre Festivities
2. Hunter Killers
3. The Manslayer
4. Cannon Fodder
5. The Oak Tree
6. Writhing in Disbelief
7. Sirens of Trepidation
9. Bavarian Madness
10. Sulfuric Might

This is an Iron Fist Productions release in which Turborock Productions have made the layout for this CD release.

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